Questions to Ask Your Wedding Videographer Before You Book



      From the moment I arrive at morning preps, I take a discreet, fly on the wall approach to capturing events as they unfold naturally. I pay special attention to people, especially people who are particularly close to the couple. I’m always watching for little moments and I aim to be in the right place at the right time to capture these.

      During the couple shoot, I like to capture natural moments between the couple. Sometimes, this might need to be gently encouraged, but never in a way that would make a couple feel uncomfortable or where it looks staged. Rest assured this would only be for a few seconds out of the full day!
      More Wedding Video Questions

      • Where do you film weddings?

      As an Irish wedding videographer, I’m privileged to film weddings all over Ireland. As I’m based in Wicklow, most of my weddings are concentrated in Leinster, especially counties Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare, Meath and Wexford. I also create wedding videos in Munster, Connaught and Ulster. Other counties include Louth, Waterdord and Leitrim. Depending on logistics, I’m also open to travelling outside of Ireland to film destination weddings. Get in touch to find out more.

      • Do we need to choose our own music?

      No. Music selection is an integral part of the creative wedding video editing process. It is best left in the videographer’s hands to ensure that appropriate music tracks fit seamlessly with the story we craft from the day. Only specially licensed music will be used to ensure compliance with copyright laws.

      • What length will the films be?

      There are three distinct films offered as part of various packages. The main full length wedding film that contains comprehensive ceremony coverage and the speeches in full can typically run for 60 to 120 minutes. The shorter highlights film beautifully tells the wedding story in approximately 5 minutes but can sometimes be slightly shorter or longer than this. Our short Insta teasers which are short preview trailer videos are approximately 60 seconds in length.

      • How long does it take to receive our wedding films?

      As soon as your wedding event is finished, we begin by capturing and backing up the footage. It then enters a queue where it will be edited in the coming weeks. Typically, wedding films are ready approximately 12 to 14 weeks from the wedding date.

      • Do you have insurance?

      Yes. We have appropriate insurance cover and can furnish details if your venue requests it.

      • Do you use a drone?

      Yes, we believe that an aerial shot from a drone can offer a nice perspective of your wedding venue. Keith Malone is one of the very few licensed drone operators in Ireland who specialises exclusively in filming weddings. On the day, the drone is briefly used subject to favourable weather, venue permissions and time available. While the latest drone technology is great, it’s important to emphasise that priority needs to be given to capturing the important moments on the ground. For this reason, the drone is usually flown at our own discretion unless very specific drone shots are requested in advance.

      • What equipment do you use?

      Over a decade of experience has shown that less is definitely more when it comes to bringing equipment to a wedding. I’m mindful that it’s a wedding and not a big stage production so I only bring essential equipment needed to capture the day. I need to be able to move reasonably quickly from one location to the next. So for this reason, I use small mirrorless cameras (next generation DSLRs), a small collection of lenses, compact tripods and discreet audio recorders. Carrying just the minimal kit allows me to focus on capturing what I need to capture.

      • Do you have backup equipment?

      Yes of course. We don’t like to take chances so backup equipment is carried at all times.

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      • How much does a wedding video cost?

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