What’s the difference between a wedding videographer and a wedding cinematographer?

For couples who are wondering about a wedding cinematographer, this is a very common question and the answer can sometimes be controversial. Before we attempt to answer, it’s no harm to take a brief look back at how wedding video has changed over the years.

A Quick History of Wedding Videography in Ireland

Wedding videography has changed quite a lot in recent times.

Previously, the vast majority of videographers typically created what are now regarded as very traditional wedding videos.

What do we mean by this? Well, the wedding videographer in Dublin or Wicklow, or wherever in Ireland they were based tended to edit the video using a tried and tested documentary style. This was linear (events unfolded in order as they happened) and told the story from start to finish, frame by frame.

It was not unusual for these completed videos to last approximately 3 hours!

Some people love this style, while others prefer a more modern approach. And so the cinematic wedding videographer (or wedding cinematographer as they are sometimes referred to) and the short form wedding film was born.

So, back to our question.

What’s the difference between a wedding videographer and a wedding cinematographer?

The cost! Just kidding. Well, kind of. It will be very obvious to most people that a cinematic wedding film is a much more polished video that contains higher production values than a traditional wedding video. The shorter films produced by a wedding cinematographer are usually subjectively more visually appealing, make better use of camera operating techniques and are edited using a more story-focused style. It makes sense then that this extra production which takes place (mostly after the wedding) comes at a higher price tag than a traditional wedding video. We’ve previously written an in-depth guide to the cost of wedding video in Ireland.

We hope that this explanation helps you to understand the main differences between a traditional videographer and a wedding cinematographer. If not, contact us and we’ll do our best to explain.