Best Wedding Photographers In Ireland (updated 2020)

Before we dive in, please bear with me while I explain the background to this post about the best wedding photographers in Ireland. I hope it helps any couple who are keen to get a videographer’s perspective.


This post is entirely subjective. It’s just my opinion. Also, it should be considered a work in progress. I still have more leading Irish wedding photographers to add. So, if you are a photographer and don’t see yourself mentioned here, please don’t get offended and not talk to me the next time we meet!

There is little value in listing the literally hundreds of Irish-based wedding photographers that I have worked with to date. Where’s the sense in that? So what I’m trying to do here is prioritise the best wedding photographers in Ireland that have a similar approach and style to me. Oh, and those who are great to work with too!

Styles of wedding photography vary so much. If you’re an engaged couple and are struggling to find a suitable style, hopefully, the photographs below will draw you in and give you a sense of that photographer’s style and approach on the wedding day.

So who are the Best Wedding Photographers In Ireland?

OK, let’s dive in now and see who I consider being among the best Irish-based wedding photographers (that I’ve worked with so far).

Photographers appear in alphabetical order.

Annie & Kevin Kheffache

Super cool photography couple duo Annie and Kevin are a dream to work with. Based in Dublin, they cover weddings nationwide. Both of them work together as a team, but also, they have their own individual brands that they shoot under as well. Annie and Kevin are talented creatives. They’ve won numerous individual photography awards over the years and this simply speaks for itself.

One of the best wedding photographers in Ireland, Kevin Kheffache Leading Irish Wedding Photography

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Claire Wilson (Gingerpixel)

I first worked with Claire many years ago and so we’ve covered a wide range of weddings together. She is a natural creative with plenty of experience under her belt. Claire documents the day with a laid back, relaxed vibe and this is perfect for couples who want to enjoy the day and not spend hours on their formal photographs.

Ginger Pixel Photography - Best Wedding Photographers in Ireland

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Daniel of DKPHOTO

What can I say about Daniel? We have such good fun whenever we shoot weddings together. His work portfolio speaks for itself. He excels in capturing the very essence of a wedding. Daniel recently tied the knot himself and so he completely understands what it is like to be on both sides of the camera. Over the years, I’ve witnessed many couples who love Daniel’s calm & reassuring personality. It’s easy to see why so many couples refer to Daniel as a master of his craft and one of the best wedding photographers in Ireland.

Leading Irish Wedding Photographers - DK Photography

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Dasha Caffrey

Dasha’s focus (pun intended!) is to create natural photographs that document a wedding. Not only is she in high demand from couples, but she also mentors up and coming wedding photographers within the community. Dasha’s relaxed & creative shooting style makes her a pleasure to work with.

Dasha Caffrey Photography

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David Frain

What I like about working with David is that he is constantly looking for the shot that is that little bit different from his peers. He is hugely creative and very humble about it too. We always have good fun shooting weddings together.

David Frain Photography

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Dream Team Duo: This Cliff At Lyons Wedding Video


Emma Russell

The multi-talented Emma Russell is great fun to work with. We tend to sing from the same hymn sheet (not literally thankfully!) when covering an event together. Couples love her non-pushy, relaxed approach and creative documentary style. As one of the best wedding photographers, she books up fast, so if you’re sitting on the fence about booking her, do it now!

Emma Russell Photography - IMO - One of the Best Wedding Photographers in Ireland that I have worked with

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Kathy Silke

When you first meet Kathy, you’ll be charmed by her warm & fun personality. Combine this with her beautiful photography and you’ve got a match made in heaven. I’m always impressed by the way she has such a lovely rapport with her couples.

Kathy Silke Photography

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Dream Team Duo: This Cliff At Lyons Wedding Video


Michelle Prunty

What impresses me hugely about Michelle is that she creatively brings her skills in street photography to each wedding that she shoots. This is what helps make her an excellent documentary wedding photographer. She is also very well regarded by her peers and she has enjoyed a meteoric rise to the top of her profession. Michelle also mentors other photographers so if you’re considering booking Michelle, rest assured that you’ll be in very good hands.

Michelle Prunty Photography

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Nick O’Keeffe

Nick is a joy to work with. Not only is he a talented documentary-style photographer, but he also builds a great rapport with the couples and vendor teams he works with. Nick has a relaxed and easy-going approach to capturing the day. He’s based in Kilkenny, with many high-end wedding venues on his doorstep.

Nick Keeffe Photography

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Paul Duane

Paul is based in Galway and has an impressive local knowledge of most of the surrounding area. This is invaluable to couples who need advice and guidance on where to go for their couple shoot. Each time I work with Paul, I’m reminded of the brilliant connection that exists between him and his couples. Remarkably, this doesn’t fade even long after the wedding.

His sincerity is shown by the way he remembers each and every couple’s name, when and where they got married, many many years into the future. This is because his previous clients tend to remain in good contact with him long after they’ve received their photos. This says a lot. Behind the scenes, Fiona (Paul’s wife) plays an important role in liaising with all of their couples and ensures they receive excellent customer service.

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Pawel Bebenca

Pawel is an absolute gentleman who is very well regarded within the wedding photography community. His emphasis is on capturing the natural moments as they unfold on a wedding day. Are you seeing a pattern here? I love working among the best wedding photographers who shoot using this natural, unstaged style because it’s very compatible with my own. Pawel’s couples tend to be completely blown away when they receive their images. They can’t believe how he manages to cover the angles he covers while he remains very discreet on the day.

Pawel is also a pleasure to work with and I look forward to my next encounter with him.

Pawel Bebenca Photography

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Ryan Devereux

Ryan is a master of capturing natural, unposed moments with a focus on human connection. He achieves this while also taking particular care with the composition and light that presents itself in the moment. Ryan describes himself as more of an observer on the day, like a guest almost, but unobtrusively he is documenting the day in stealth mode. Again, you’ll notice the running theme in this roundup of my favourite photographers in Ireland to work with because this approach is very similar to how I prefer to capture video on the day.

Ryan Devereux

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Bruno Rosa

Although I haven’t worked with Bruno Rosa yet, I’ve been an admirer of his wedding photography work for quite some time. I hear only good feedback from my videographer colleagues who have worked alongside him on a wedding. I love that Bruno’s style is natural, authentic and very creative. He’s well worth checking out.

Bruno Rosa Wedding Photographer

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And there you have it! The (strictly in my opinion) best wedding photographers in Ireland that I have worked with so far. Come back and visit this post as I’ll be updating it with more cool photographers very soon.