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Keith Malone Wedding Videographer

Keith loves what he does, and it shows in his work

Using a relaxed, discreet approach, Keith films each wedding as it naturally unfolds. Words such as invisible and unobtrusive have been used by previous couples to describe how he blends into the background while working. After watching their wedding video, couples have sometimes phoned Keith straight away and mentioned words like incredible, amazing and epic.

Keith regards it as both an honour and a privilege to be entrusted to film a wedding. Each couple and each wedding are unique, so Keith has a range of options to suit most requirements. Click the button below to find out more.

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Wedding Videography Guidance

We've put together a section which answers some of the most frequently asked questions about wedding video.

  • What's the difference between a wedding videographer and a cinematograper?

    Keith's Approach To Filming Each Wedding

    A quick insight into the approach that Keith uses to creatively document and expertly craft your wedding video into a priceless keepsake.
    Consultation regarding wedding video service

    Pre-booking Consultation

    From the moment you check that Keith is available, he is on hand to advise you regarding all aspects of your proposed wedding video. Sometimes the technical jargon of videography can get in the way so he is more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.

    Keith will also reassure you regarding his ultra low-profile invisibility mode approach to capturing the special moments between family, friends, the bridal party and of course, you as a couple. If you prefer, light interaction on the day is also possible, all you need to do is ask.

    Any aspect of Keith's wedding video packages or optional add-ons will be explained in detail upon request.

    Wedding Cinematographer Keith Malone

    The Filming

    After choosing Keith as the right wedding videographer for you, be assured that he will endeavour to capture both the key moments as well as the more subtle little touches.

    As a highly-experienced wedding cinematographer, he uses the latest high definition (HD) and 4K cameras together with high quality audio devices.

    Don't worry, with Keith discretion and unobtrusiveness are always paramount. Equipment used is very compact and hardly noticeable in the background. Your wedding won't look like a movie set.

    A quick read through the testimonials and reviews for Keith Malone presents a familiar theme i.e. "I hardly noticed Keith all day at my wedding".

    Cinematic or Traditional Wedding Video Editing

    The Editing

    This is a huge part of the overall creative process. Every couple has a story to tell and this is where all of the captured footage and audio is crafted into your unique wedding film.

    Keith offers both traditional long-form documentary edits as well as more modern cinematic wedding videos.

    Great care and attention is given to your story during the editing process. Keith is passionately driven to ensure that the end product is both timeless and elegant so that the same positive emotional response is stirred each time you watch your wedding video be it on your first wedding anniversary or your 25th.